All participants in Immeln Swimrun 2021 must have turned 18 no later than the 21st of August 2021. Experience of swimming in open-water is a must as well as the ability to race for several hours.


  • Due to the structure of the shores, with many submerged stones, diving into the water is strictly forbidden when entering the swim sections.
  • Each team must stay together at all times and are not allowed to be separated from each other (max 20m apart).
  • We recommend positioning yourself in the start according to your swimming pace, for a smooth start.
  • The race organisation can refuse a team from continuing the race if they judge there is a prominent danger due to fatigue or illness.


  • The race courses are thoroughly marked in its entirety, with no more than 50m between markers. Complementary signs for distances and crucial turning points are also placed.
  • The marked course must be followed and teams who don’t, will be disqualified.
  • There are three checkpoints on Immeln NORTH and one checkpoint on Immeln SOUTH, where all teams must register. 
  • The teams must pass these check points within a stated time frame(TBA). Teams that have not passed these checkpoints in time will be taken off the race. This is to ensure a safe and secure race for all participants. For Immeln WEST there is currently no time frame.
  • Time counts from the start until the last of the two team members have crossed the finish line.
  • Each team has to make their own way from start to finish and are not allowed to be helped or assisted by anyone in order to facilitate winning the race.
  • The race organization reserves the right to change the race course if any unforeseen situation occurs.


  • All teams must carry their equipment throughout the entire race.
  • The race organization supplies swim-caps for all participants, which must be worn on all swim sections.
  • If asked by Race Officials, participants are obligated to state their team number.
  • Mandatory equipment: all teams must carry at least one whistle for safety. 
  • A wetsuit is highly recommended. Due to the race being in August and requests from participants, it is not mandatory to have a wetsuit.  
  • Recommended equipment besides the mandatory above: swim glasses and floating device.
  • Floatation device bigger than 50 X 30 cm is not allowed.
  • Swim fins longer than 15cm from the toe are not allowed.
  • Painting your wetsuit or other equipment with paint or color that washes off in the water is strictly prohibited. Permanent markers are allowed.


  • All athletes must brief the rules and respect them.
  • All athletes enter Immeln Swimrun 2021 at their own risk and cannot hold the race organization responsible for any accident that may occur during the race.
  • All athletes shall respect the environment, fellow competitors, race organization, spectators, and people living in the area.
  • We want to leave no footprints in the race area and dumping garbage along the race-course is strictly forbidden. You need to carry out stuff you bring into the race (or leave at one of the checkpoints). Any offence against this rule will lead to disqualification.
  • All athletes are obliged to help in case of an emergency or if other teams are injured or sick.
  • If a team decides to abandon the race they must report it to the race organization as soon as possible. The organizers will provide transport back to Immeln village.
  • We do not accept any use of illegal substances according to WADA’s Anti Doping Code.
  • The first team to cross the finish line will be the winning team, unless proof of them breaking any of the rules in this document can be provided. See “Disqualifications & Race Jury” section.
  • Each participant must be able to show proof of identification prior to the race.


  • Registration for Immeln Swimrun 2021 is legally binding.
  • In the event of illness or injury the entry fee will not be refunded. However, team members can be replaced up until 07.00 AM on August the 21st, 2021 (food preference can be changed no later than 10th of August, 2021).
  • The organizers recommend appropriate insurance to get the entry fee back in case the team cannot participate in the race.
  • External sales of your entry is forbidden.
  • No entries can be deferred to another year.


  • The race organization reserves the right to cancel the race if an unforeseen event, that could endanger the health and safety of the contestants, should occur. In the case of such an event, the race organization will not be liable to refund the entrance fee.
  • The race organization can not be held accountable for actions of individuals outside of the organization ie, saboteurs.


  •  Offence against the rules leads to disqualification.
  • The race jury consists of three persons from the race organisations. Their responsibility is to enforce the rules and decide the outcomes of disqualifications and protests as well as course or rule changes demanded by weather conditions.
  • The race jury may use “common-sense” to make a decision regarding a situations not touched upon in these rules.
  • The jury’s decisions are definite.


  • The race organization reserves the right to use images and film taken during the competition without any compensation to the participants of Immeln Swimrun.


  • All athletes accept the rules when entering the race.