ATOBE (Read: A to B) is the initiator of Immeln Swimrun, a yearly swimrun competition in and around Lake Immeln. Our aim is to create memorable experiences for our participant with a combination of a friendly and cheerful ambience, natural environments and physical, competitive challenges. 

Beyond the experience we also focus on offering our race in a sustainable manner, with a deep respect for the nature we are immersing ourselves in. We hope to showcase how great experiences can leave a positive impact on nature. 

Our third focus area is to give back to the local community. Our competition is hosted in partnership with FK Göingarna, a local orienteering and outdoor sports community-organisation. The profits from the race supplies funds for outdoor youth activities within and beyond the region. Part of the profits also goes to the project “Rädda Immeln” (Save Immeln), which works to restore and protect the environment in and around the lake. 

We are incredibly proud to welcome participants to our local swimrun-paradise. With 8 years of hosting experience and continuous improvements we proclaim that the holistic racing experience at Immeln Swimrun is one of the best the swimrun-world has to offer.

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