What distance do you cover during Immeln Swimrun?
It’s always challenging to get an accurate measurement, especially for longer distances where many slight differences makes up for large total variance. So please take the following measurements as approximate. 

NORTH: 40 km, whereof 6,5 km swimming

SOUTH: 16 km, whereof 2,6 km swimming

ULTRA: 108 km, whereof 11 km swimming

How many stages are the race divided into?
NORTH: 18 swims and 19 runs.
SOUTH: 9 swims and 10 runs.

ULTRA: 24 swims and 24 runs. 

Where is the competition located?
The race starts and finishes in Immeln village. ATOBE ULTRA starts in Hörvik, Blekinge. Transportation will be offered from the Race Arena in Immeln. 

Are there parking facilities?
Yes, there are parking facilities near the Race Arena in Immeln Village.

Are there shower facilities after the race?
In the current situation we will not be able to offer shower facilities. If the Covid-situation eases up then we will reconsider. If the weather is forecasted to be cold, we encourage all contestants to store some warm clothes in their drop bags, to be used after having finished the race. The experience from earlier years is that contestants may be cold when they reach the goal. Especially if the temperature is low. 

Is Race Meeting mandatory?
Yes. See the individual times for the Race Meeting for each course in the PM. At least one of the team members must be present at the meeting. Before the race meeting, the team must have picked up their race kits from the race office. Teams that miss the race meeting will not be allowed to start in the race. The race office opens at 07.15 AM.

Are there time limits in the race?
Yes there are time limits for NORTH and ULTRA at certain cut-off points. Teams that have not passed these cut-off points at the designated times will not be allowed to continue the race. Note that the cut-off points and the checkpoints are not necessarily the same. 


* Cut-off 1: Nabben, approx 21km: 5.0h

* Cut-off 2: S.Kvinnoön, approx 32km: 7.0h

* Cross the finish line after max 9.0h

ULTRA: To be determined

What kind of food is served before the race?
Breakfast will be served at 07:30 AM. Vegan/vegetarian or meat/traditional will be available.

What kind of food will be served after the race?
For dinner we serve delicious food and you choose if you want a plant based / vegan meal or meat. Cold beer and non alcoholic drinks are included.

Can you compete individually?
No, Immeln Swimrun is a competition for teams of two, and the teams must not be separated during the whole race (max 20m apart).

Can a team consist of more than two people?
No, this is not allowed either.

How many water checkpoints are there?
There are 3 bigger checkpoints(for NORTH) where water, energy drinks and energy snacks will be served. Water will also be available by the start and the finish and on several places along the race. For SOUTH there’s one at S.Kvinnoön after approx 9km.

How is the terrain?
The terrain is varied and in many parts technical where you run across stones, logs and through dense forests. We recommend shoes with good traction. Other parts are less technical and follow roads and paths. Many of the participants from earlier years considered the terrain to be tough and technically demanding. A term that has been used frequently is: “You can tell that the course is designed by an orienteer“. We work hard to find the best routes together with local swimrunners and have an ongoing conversation about how to improve the course and how to adapt to annual changes in vegetation etc. 

How do you find your way around the track?
The track will be marked from start to finish. Officials will be present at each swim section guiding the athletes in and out of the water. On longer swims the end-point will be marked by a banner or similar. 

How do you know in which direction to swim?

On opposite side at the start of each swim section there are colored markers which you swim towards. On the longer swim sections there will be officials in canoes and/or boats, that help the athletes if needed, and additionally markers/buoys on the water.

What water temperature can be expected?
According to statistics from earlier years the water temperature should be between 15 -20 degrees.

How many teams can participate in Immeln Swimrun?
We’re planning this event in accordance with the latest recommendations from the Public Health Authority(Folkhälsomyndigheten). 

We’ve set a of a total of 50 teams. This is to ensure safety and capacity. Note that this limit may change if the situation changes. 

In which classes can you compete?
Men, women and mixed. The different classes start at the same time. 

What equipment is recommended?
Wetsuits are mandatory. At least “shorty” wetsuit (short legs and arms are ok). We also recommend running shoes with a good grip. If the weather is particularly warm we might allow for less, but assume the need for a wetsuit. 

Are you allowed to use aids in the water (paddles / fins or similar)?
Yes, this is recommended in order to be able to swim as fast and safe as possible. Participants may not use flotation devices larger than 50×30 cm. Fins are not allowed to be longer than 15 cm from toes. 

How will security be maintained during the swim sections?
On all swim sections there will be officials who can assist the contestants if needed. All water entries and exits must be made by wading. Officials will also point out where the water level is sufficient (about waist deep) to start swimming and where to stop swimming at the end of the swim. This is a safety precaution due to the fact that there are stones submerged near the shores. As a participant you are responsible for your own safety and should take precautions to not injury yourself on rocks. 

Can you dive into the water?
No, diving is absolutely forbidden. If this rule is broken the team will be disqualified.

Will Immeln Swimrun take legal responsibility for the contestants?
No, participation in Immeln Swimrun is at your own risk. Each participant must have their own insurance.

Will you get the entry fee back in case of illness?
No. We recommend that you subscribe to www.startklar.nu

Can you make changes to the team?
Yes, get in touch with the race organization to get more info about how to do this. If it is done later than the 10th of August, it may not be possible to change food preference.

Will there be medical care available?
Yes, there will be mobile medical staff based at the finish line in Immeln village.

Are you obliged to stop and help a competitor in distress?
Yes, as a participant, you are responsible to help your team partner and your fellow contestants if needed.