Immeln Swimrun is a unique race through varied nature in Östra Göinge, the mythic borderland between Skåne and Blekinge. Competing two by two the team fastest from A to B will win the race.

The race starts in Breanäs and finshes in Immeln village. It runs through majestic beech woods, across beautiful Islands and into dark waters. The course is designed by Henrik Larsson, experienced orienteer and chairman of FK Göingarna.

The Courses


Our new sprint distance

WEST12K is our new sprint distance which we introduce for the first time this year. The course runs along the western shore and islands of Lake Immeln and is divided into six swims and five runs. The longest run is 5k and the longest swim is 500 m.

The race starts at Breanäs with the longest swim of 500m. From here competitors head south running through the forests before reaching the shore of Lake Immeln. After crossing the renowned islands “Kvinnoöarna” a more technical trail starts that runs through the beautiful beech woods on the western shore. Then the teams swim across the lake to the eastern shore before following gravel roads towards Immeln village. The race is completed by a final short swim before reaching the finishing line and jubilant spectators!

The Courses


Our classic course

EAST35K is our classic course which takes place for the third time. The race is divided into ten swims and nine runs and is characterized by technical off-trail running and swimming in the beautiful surroundings of Lake Immeln. The longest run is 12k and the longest swim is 750 m.

The race starts with a swim from the beach at Breanäs to the western shore of lake Immeln. From here competitors run through forests before reaching the shore and the toughest swim to Vejlön. After crossing the island athletes reach the northernmost point of the race. From here the course leads south before reaching Mjönäs where the longest run must be completed. Then the teams will cross the lake by swimming and running across a few smaller islands that take the athletes back to the western shore. The last part of the race is completed by running through beech woods and a final swim across the bay to the finishing line at Immeln village.

About us

The founder and initiator of Immeln Swimrun is ATOBE, a community of open-water swim and trail running enthusiasts. ATOBE will create and implement racing concepts that focuses as much on lifestyle and experience as the element of competition. Immeln Swimrun 2017 is the the third racing event and will be followed by more races and activities throughout southern Sweden