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Dear friends and contestants, ATOBE welcomes you to Immeln Swimrun 2021

We look forward to meeting you on Saturday the 21st of August, for the 7th edition of Immeln Swimrun.

We hope you are loaded and well prepared. Please take a few minutes to read the information in this document.

The arena is located in Immelns Båthamn and you can click on the link below to get directions there:

General comment about Covid-19

In 2020 we had to adapt our event to be safe during the pandemic. We will continue with a strategy of adapting to current circumstances. Grounded in a conservative outlook, we hope to be able to ease up on the restrictions the closer we get to race date. In that case this PM will be updated, but until then we prefer to stay on the cautious side. 

The organizer reserves the right to cancel or stop the competition if we judge that the participants’ safety is endangered by weather conditions or other circumstances (for example, an ongoing pandemic) beyond our control.

If the organizer is forced to cancel the competition no later than 1/6 2021, participants will be able to choose between a full refund of the entry fee or to move their start to the following year. If the organizer is forced to cancel the competition after 1/6 2021, 75% of the entry fee will be refunded if participants do not want to move their start to next year. Participants who want the refund need to contact the organizer no later than 14 days after the cancellation notice. 


Arena and Parking

There are a few different parking spaces adjacent to the arena. There is one in direct connection to the finish area and there are more places next to the start at Immelns Kanotcenter. There is also a third parking lot at Immelns Bygdegård which is a couple of minutes away. See arena map.

Registration and collection of starter kits

All teams must register and pick up their starter kit when they arrive. The secretariat is located by a tent in the arena and can not be missed. It opens at 07:15 and everyone must have picked up their starter kits before or in connection with the respective Race meeting (more about this below). All the following sub-steps are divided between the courses to limit us to smaller crowds and we ask everyone to follow set times and take their personal responsibility to limit the risk of infection.


The breakfast service opens at 7:30 and stays open until the Race Meeting at 9:00. It consist of a nutritious buffé aimed at preparing you for a physical day. 


Race meeting takes place after breakfast at 9:00. All teams must be represented at the Race meeting with at least one team member. Teams that miss the Race meeting will not be allowed to start the race. During the meeting, we go through the conditions of the competition day and other useful information.

The start of the race

The start will take place in connection with the arena in Immelns Båthamn. From the arena it is about 200 m to the start that goes from Immelns Kanotcenter. The start takes place at 10:00. The race starts with a short run of 300 m before it is time for the first swim.

Replacement and other preparations for start

Changing into your race attire can be done at the arena or at the start and there will be a tent for change adjacent to the arena. We will not be able to provide separate changing rooms for men / women.

Drop bags

In the starter kit, there are labels that can be put on your bags. When you are changed and ready, it is possible to store the bags in a tent in the arena that is under the supervision of officials all day. The car parks are so close that it is also possible to put your bags in your cars and pick them up after you cross the finish line.

Course Markings

The course will be well marked with red / white plastic markers(see picture) and there’s no need for a map in order to get from start to finish. The map provided in the starter kit is to give a good overview of the course. As a rule of thumb, you should not run longer than 50 m without seeing a marker, because then you have probably run past a turn or similar. The exception is part of NORTH that passes the nature reserve Skärsnäs, where we do not have permission to hang any markers. This part is guided by officials who will point out the running routes for you. It is about 500m on the headland and 300m across Högön.


Henrik Larsson, Course Designer, marking the route back in 2018.


All participants must follow the rules of the race. They are for your safety and should a team break a rule, they will be disqualified. The rules can be found at


There will be officials along the entire course guiding participants in and out of the water. They are there for you and will help you in any way they can to make sure you are both safe and have a great experience. At checkpoints (see next point) timekeeping will also take place and if you are asked to say your team number, you must present it to the official. Officials wear vest and may look something like this:


Ingemar Nilsson, local hero, has been helping us every single year of Immeln Swimrun.


There will be 3 checkpoints for NORTH and 1 checkpoint for SOUTH where participants can top up with energy and drinks. In addition, there will also be several places along the course where water will be served. At checkpoints, water, energy drinks, fruit, nuts, cakes and hot drinks are served. For some, the checkpoint at S.Kvinnoön is the highlight of the race.

  • Finish

The finish line takes place at the Race Arena in Immelns Båthamn. 

Shower facilities

Information about the possibility of showers will be posted closer to the race depending on the Covid-situation. 


Nutritious and good food will be served to all participants in the arena at the same tent where breakfast was served. The food is served continuously after the participants have finished and had time to change. For those who have announced special diets when registering, there is specific food for you.

Award ceremony

The award ceremony takes place directly in connection with the finish of the first team in a class. This is to get a flow of people and reduce the size of crowds at the arena. This may change if the situation eases. 


07:15 – 08:30 Registration and collection of starter kits. The starter kit contains a swimming cap, map and labels for bags.

07:30 – Breakfast begins to be served 

9:00 – 9:15 Race Meeting 

10:00 – START for NORTH. Be at the starting line at least 5 minutes before.

12:00 – Dinner begins to be served.

15:45 Cut off time no1 at the checkpoint vid Nabben (Immeln Swimrun North)

17:15 Cut off time no2 at the checkpoint on Kvinnoöarna (Immeln Swimrun North)

19.00 Final cut-off time for NORTH.


We strongly recommend all participants to wear some form of wetsuit, or other floatation aid. However, it is not mandatory since our race is in August, and we allow for participants to use their own sound judgement. 

Each team must carry at least one whistle for safety reasons.

Permitted equipment:

  • Swimming glasses
  • Paddles
  • Buoy (max 50 x 30 cm) and / or floating calf inserts
  • Fins (max 15 cm from toes)

Thank you for participating in Immeln Swimrun and thank you to FK Göingarna and Freefoot for making the race possible. We would also like to extend a big thank you to all officials, landowners and to the locals.

Staying over / Housing

We recommend the following options if you intend to spend a night in conjunction with the race. This list may be updated.


Melker Larsson – Race Director / [email protected] / 0723-867138

Henrik Larsson – Head of Course and Officials / [email protected] / 0708-221711