Dear friends and contestants

We look forward to see you next weekend on saturday the 17th of August, for the fifth edition ofImmeln Swimrun.

We hope that you are all excited and well prepared. Please take some time to read the info in this document.

The race office is located in Immelns Båthamn/Immeln Marina

Click the link for directions to Immelns Båthamn:

Parking facilities

You will find a few different parking spaces.

There is one next to the marina and if this is full you will find one next to Immelns Kanotcenter. There is also a third one just below Immelns Bygdegård (see the map below).

Registrating and collecting start kit

All teams must announce their presence and collect their start kit. The race office (located in a tent in the marina) opens at 07:15 and all teams must announce their presence and collect their start kit between before the bus leaves at 09:00.

Race Breakfast

The breakfast is served between 07:30 and 08:30 in a tent by the race office in the marina.

Race meeting

The race meeting will take place just after the breakfast in the race office at 08:30. All teams must be represented at the race meeting with at least one of the team members present. Teams that miss the race meeting will not be allowed to start in the race.

The start of the race

The start of the race is in Breanäs, which is located app. 15km from Immeln Village. A bus will transport all contestants from Immeln Marina to the start in Breanäs. The bus leaves at 09:00, after the breakfast and race meeting.

Changing clothes/wetsuits/ gear and preparing for the race

Changing of clothes/wetsuits/gear and general preparations for the race can be done at the start in Breanäs. There will be a tent where the teams can change. It will also be possible to change on the lawn, if the weather conditions are ok. We will not be able to provide separate changing rooms for men/women.

Drop bags

In the start kit, each team will find labels that can be attached on their drop bags. When the teams have finished changing and preparing, they must label their drop bags and put them in the luggage compartment of the bus. The same bus will transport all the drop bags back to the finishing area in Immeln village. The bags will be kept in a tent and guarded by officials during this time. Once the teams have crossed the finishing line, they can collect their drop bags in the tent.

The course

The course will be thoroughly marked and a map will not be necessary to be able to get from the start to the finish. The map provided in the start kit can be used to get a good overview of the course.

Changes of the course 2019

Applies only to the EAST-course. We’ve made one change from last years course. The long 12k run on the eastern shore is divided into two with a approx 750m swim inbetween. This year there is also water between Tjärön and Draget, which means that you cannot jump across on the rocks. Instead you’ll have to wade across

The water level is higher this year which we are happy for. This means safer entrances in and exits from the water. However, caution should always be practised. Make sure to read the safety rules at our website:


There will be officials along the race that will guide the contestants in and out of the water. They’ll help you in any way that can to make sure that you are both safe and have a great experience.


There will be 2 checkpoints for Immeln Swimrun East and 1 checkpoint for Immeln Swimrun West, where contestants can fill up on energy and water. In addition there will be several places where water is served. At the checkpoints we will serve water, energy drinks, fruit, nuts, cookies and warm drinks.

The finish of the race

The finish of the race is in Immeln village, in the marina (the same place as the race office).

Shower facilities

The showers are located a 5 minute walk from the finishing line (in the building where the camping office is, just next to the beach). We encourage all contestants to store some warm clothes in their drop bags, to be used after having finished the race. The experience from earlier years is that many contestants are cold when they reach the goal (however, this year it may be different due to the warm weather). it may still be nice to have something warm to put on during the walk from the finishing line to the showers. For hot water, coins are needed and each contestant will be given these in the tent where the drop bags are picked up.

After race dinner

Nutritious and tasty food will be available for all contestants in the area where the finishing line is located (by the marina) The food will be served continuously and the contestants decide themselves when they want to eat.

Start lists



Time schedule

07:15 – 08:30 Registration and collection of start kits. The start kit contains race timer, swim cap, map and drop bag tags.

07:30 – 08:30 Breakfast

08:30 – 09:00 Race meeting

09:00 – 09:30 Transportation to Breanäs

09:30 – 09:55 Changing of clothes, general preparations and handing in drop bags

10.00 START!

13:00 Cut off time no1 at the checkpoint in Skärsnäs (Immeln Swimrun East)

15:45 Cut off time no2 at the checkpoint on Kvinnoöarna (Immeln Swimrun East)

16:00 Announcing the winner and price ceremony

17.00 Final cut of time to finish the race (both courses)

18.00 Social activities

Mandatory equipment

Due to the expected high air and water temperatures wetsuits with short sleeves and legs are allowed. Contestants with full wetsuits are recommended to open and/or take off upper body part of wetsuit when running the long distance legs.


Allowed equipment



-Floating device (not bigger than 50X30cm)

Yellow marking: The Marina and race office

Pink markings: Parking facilities

Link to Immeln on Google Maps: 

Thank you for participating in Immeln Swimrun and thanks to our partners Freefoot, Olander Swim/Sailfish and FK Göingarna.

We also want to thank all officials and local people.

Contact info ATOBE:

Melker Larsson / / 0723-867138

Henrik Larsson /  / 0708-221711

Erik Nilsson /  / 0766-145824

Karl Berglund /  / 0739-419989

Fredrik Byrfors / / 0707-505171